Wednesday, October 5, 2011

#48 Turning Cheap Steak Into Choice Steak

First bit of information since coming back, so I figured I'd make it a food one.

The subject today is how to turn cheap steaks into choice, high quality steak through a pre-cooking process.

According to the article, "The Steak Secret: massively salt your steaks 1 hour before cooking for every inch of thickness." What this means is that you just liberally coat your steak with salt before cooking, adding an hour before time to cook per inch. This means if it's a 1 inch steak, coat the steak in salt an hour before cooking, 2 inches 2 hours, and so on. The idea is that the salt will break down the protein's in the steak, and draw water out of the steak. This accomplishes two things; one, breaking down the protein's makes the steak softer and less chewy, and bringing out the water makes it easier to get rid of excess that does nothing for your meat. Right before grilling, you pat down your steak and remove the excess water and salt, and when it cooks, the rest of the salt goes throughout the entire steak and makes for a piece of meat that is delicious and quite possibly cheap. Save money on expensive cuts and just learn how to turn your cheap cuts into delicious slices of beef.

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