Wednesday, October 6, 2010

#19 How To Deal With The Police

For the most part, I'm a fan of police. From seeing shows like The Wire, I've learned to respect what they do on a day to day basis, but I also know from seeing those kind of shows that they can sometimes overstep their boundaries, or take advantage of someone who doesn't understand their rights. I'm not posting this to give a big F-You to cops, but this is for people to know how to appropriately respond to police questioning, and your options when responding. 


  1. I know that picture and it sucks ass tbh.
    "If police stop anyone"
    Why the crap should you go over there and start writing down? It has nothing to do with you, how does that relate to "when dealing with police".

    You can find some videos on how to deal with the police. They are really informative, they teach you stuff like how they will trick you into saying yes to a search "Mind if I take a look in your car? You don't have any drugs, do you?"
    In that case, most will say "No" which means you automatically condoned the search. I can't remember what the video is called, but a little bit of searching should be enough to find it

  2. Oh wow... I've been stopped by the police many times just walking home or into the city, and I just let them do whatever the heck they wanted because I knew I was doing nothing wrong and had nothing on me. I guess I need to take a stand now that I'm more aware of what my rights are. I don't ever really have to deal with the police.

  3. know your rights, dont surrender to these fucking scum