Sunday, October 24, 2010

#37 Know Which Dietary Supplements Are Beneficial Or Just A Scam

This is a part of my on-going living healthy series of posts. A handy little chart that tells you how effective or beneficial certain dietary supplements are, ranging from None (for no evidence of health benefits) to Strong (for strong evidence of health benefits) This is also good at showing which "breakthrough" supplements that are supposed to be miracle workers are mostly just "Snake Oil" which is to say it's all hype and no good reason to believe it does what they say it does. 


  1. that is great! i'll have to save it for reference, ty!

  2. St. John's Word cures depression? I wanna try that, not depressive, but could use some positiveness..

  3. It probably doesn't cure depression, but instead makes you feel more positive, and indeed a little positivity boost once in awhile probably wouldn't hurt.